When a child is brought for Baptism, a statement of Faith is professed and a commitment is made. At that time, the parents, the sponsors or godparents, and the congregation, pledge together to teach and instruct that child about their faith, to be good examples of Christ for them – and to bring them to that time when they are able to Confirm their faith for themselves. Confirmation Classes are offered for students in 7th and 8th Grades to help them prepare to do just this – to help prepare them to confirm the profession of faith made for them at the time of their Baptism.

Students attend classes for two years. These classes are held during the school year. The program involves a study of our Moravian history, some Bible Study, a review of the Moravian Catechism, as well as participation in worship, service projects and the Eastern District Confirmation Retreat. Second Year Students make their Confirmation of Faith in the Spring.

A self-directed Confirmation Course is also offered to individuals who have never had the opportunity to make their Confirmation of Faith, and wish to do so. Please speak with the Pastor about this opportunity.